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About Us






quaint little things is an online toyshop based in Singapore, and we’re all about finding new and exciting ways to help your little ones learn and develop through play. Whether it be math, creativity, self-confidence, motor and cognitive skills, or anything else you want your child to practice, we know that building it into playtime holds the answer.

Nowadays so many children grow up with nothing but tablets and YouTube to occupy them before and after school, but we want to change all of that. By building learning and development into playtime, we believe we can help every child reach their full potential.

The more your child plays, the more they develop, and the more they develop the more confident and happy they will be. By giving them new and exciting toys to keep them occupied, you can help give your child the future they deserve. Plus everything we bring to you is tested by our own children first, so you know your kids will love them too.

We’ve also discovered a whole host of games that are great for adults too. That way you can challenge the kids to a game (after you’ve had some secret practice sessions) and make playtime something the whole family can enjoy. 

We hope you enjoy the products in our store, and don’t forget to check back regularly as we’re adding new and exciting things all the time.

Enjoy your playtime!